S2ABC Project

Enhancing the skills of sport administrators to build capacity of sport organisations in the Western Balkans through innovative training and development activities

S2ABC is funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Sport programme (2022) “Capacity building in the field of sport” and runs from January 2023 to December 2024.


S2ABC is an EU-funded capacity building and skills development project in the field of sport.

The social and economic potential of sport is now widely recognised and there is an increasing level of expectation for the sector to become a powerful tool linked to mainstream policy in education, health, and the economy and for it to be used to promote social cohesion.

To achieve these expectations, it is vital for those working and volunteering in sport to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform in their positions.


The ambition of the S2ABC project, co-funded by the European Union, is to support the sector in realising its potential by enhancing the skills of sport administrators and strengthen their future employability and personal development, as well as creating stronger sport organisations.

The geographic focus of the project is the Western Balkans where there is a unique stage of development of sport organisations in the region and a need for capacity building activities to allow them to grow and flourish through developing the skills of their workforce.

Effective sport administration is key to the development of sport in the region and the project will develop the skills of those who work in sport administration roles and are crucial to the modernisation of sport organisations.

The aim of the S2ABC work programme is to offer the opportunity to 70 participants from the European Union and four targeted countries from the Western Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Republic of North Macedonia) to take part in a fit-for-purpose transnational training programme on sport administration.

S2ABC sets out to have the following impacts:

Enhance skills of participants and strengthen their employability

Contribute to capacity building of sport organisations

Contribute to development of sport in Western Balkans 

Contribute to the Western Balkans region’s economic and societal development

Promote and make learning mobility a reality in the sport sector

Promote international dimension of sport and encourage transregional cooperation 

Sport to reach its potential and meet expectations of national governments


    The main outputs of the project will be two unique and innovative European Courses on Sport Administration which will be organised and delivered through the project.

    These two courses will be delivered through a blended learning approach, made up of live online delivery supplemented by in-person national visits at the beginning and end of the study programmes for induction and graduation.

    The organisation of national visits (in-person events) will give participants opportunities for cultural exchange, and to develop knowledge of sport systems in different countries, as well as increasing knowledge of EU institutions, policies and tools.

    The titles of the training programmes will be:

    • European Course on Sport Administration (40 participants)
    • European Advanced Course on Sport Administration (30 participants)

    The courses will be based on consultation with stakeholders to underline skills and competences needed of sport administrators in the Western Balkans and EU.

    Course participants will need to be actively involved in the running of a sport organisation such as sport federation, sport club, local authority, National Olympic Committee, sport for all organisation etc. Partners will ensure a good mix and diversity of participants.


    Coordinated by the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE), the S2ABC project is made up of a consortium of 7 partners including 3 National Olympic Committees, 3 universities and a European sport network. Five of the partners are from the Western Balkans region.

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